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City Tour Santiago

Santiago Barrio Oriente
Museo Precolombino
Museo Historico Nacional
Museo Historico Nacional
Cerro Santa Lucia
Cerro Santa Lucia.


Santiago was fundad in 1541, is full of history as its squares, parks, buildings and museums.

Santiago is a surprising city due to its contrasts. Surrounded by the majestic quality of the Andes Mountain, Adventure offers us a tour to visit the most important places:

The Presidential Palace of La Moneda and the The Metropolitan Cathedral . Walking along its main avenue, Alameda Bernardo O’Higgins, with its pedestrian promenades which lead to Plaza de Armas filled with historical buildings, Santa Lucia Hill  , and the Parque Forestal with the Mapocho river. Later on, it will be possible to discover the different districts of the city: The Bellavista neighborhood, with its bohemian nightlife, the modern commercial district of Providencia or the Pueblito de Los Dominicos where you can find very specials crafts. Itinirary can be finished at th Mall Parque Arauco.

The tour can be modified along the route to visit the National History Museum and the Pre-Columbian museum if you consider.

Approximate travel time: 3 hours.


2  personas (USD 52,00 p/pax)

3  personas (USD 41,00 p/pax)

4  personas (USD 27,00 p/pax)

5  personas (USD 26,00 p/pax)

6  personas (USD 24,00 p/pax)

7  personas (USD 23,00 p/pax)

8  personas (USD 21,00 p/pax)

9  personas (USD 20,00 p/pax)

10 personas (USD 18,00 p/pax)


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